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Managing the entire technical proposal development to ensure compliance with requirements, timely submission, high quality draft for early review, easy production of hard copy proposal, and full understanding of implementation requirements upon contract award.

Specific areas of expertise applied to managing technical proposals include:

  • Development of the proposal organization.

  • Identification and assignment of resources to specific tasks.

  • Development of specific timelines for completion of entire draft, review(s) of draft and final proposal production.

  • Close management of all tasks and production activities to ensure on-time submission.

  • Early identification of the organization structure and the individuals involved in implementation and ongoing operations, which is critical to an outstanding proposal.

  • Tight management of and excellent structure for the review process during the draft stage, which provides for an efficient and effective review by the key individuals in the organization.

  • Identifying the technical components of the proposal that must be appropriately represented in the cost proposal, which is essential to success after contract award.

  • Management of the resources applied to the proposal to ensure efficiency and cost control.

With vast experience in technical proposal management for a wide variety of organizations, Dakota Consulting has effectively applied all of these methods in developing complete proposals. The methods have resulted in highly successful proposals that maximize the amount of time available for writing and minimize the amount of time required for final production, ensuring that the final proposal is of excellent quality and within budget.

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