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Writing technical proposals of superior quality aimed at the highest possible technical score.

Specific areas of expertise applied to technical proposals include:

  • Tight organization of proposals.

  • Integration of all compliance requirements.

  • Clear descriptions of organization and functions with well developed graphics.

  • Text flow designed to meet the needs of the evaluator.

  • Solid flow charts to explain processes and provide visual relief for the evaluator.

  • Well constructed sentences and paragraphs that clearly display the organization in the best possible manner.

  • Documented organization of all relevant attachments and appendices.

With vast experience in technical proposal writing for a wide variety of organizations, Dakota Consulting can quickly gather existing information and develop new information necessary to construct a high quality proposal. We make efficient use of in-house resources while recognizing that ongoing responsibilities often limit the time in-house staff are able to devote to proposal development.

By providing a well developed initial set up and applying efficient writing techniques, we create a proposal with sufficient time for effective review of the draft by the client. These methods also minimize the amount of time required for final production which ensures that the maximum amount of time is available for proposal development and review.

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